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Spring 2015

Hi all and Happy New Year.   2015 is starting out with a fun blog tour from Harlequin to celebrate the release of Ace’s Wild, book seven of the Hell’s Eight series.  Lots of prizes and fun.  You can find the schedule here:

I know the main thing everyone wants to know from me is the what and when as it pertains to new books, so I’ll address that right off.  The next NY release will be Ace’s Wild, Book 7 of the Hell’s Eight.  Ace is, well, something else.  Wildly unconventional, passionately focused, he starts out as an enigma and becomes an irresistible force. Ace’s story is slated  for release 2/2015. 

Book Six of the Promise series,  Promises Decide is set to be released in the fall of 2015.  Hot on the heels of that will be  Luke’s Cut,  the final book of the Hell’s Eight.  It’s a sad moment, but a great book.

In between I hope to have some independent releases. I’m planning on releasing book two of the Unchained series, (Zeke’s story).  And because they’re fun to write and offer me the satisfaction of quick completion and stimulate my muse,  I’ll be starting random releases through the Kindle and Nook platforms  of sexy, snappy reads  called  Sarah’s Sexy Snaps™.    They’re designed to be adventurous and emotional laden glimpses of passionate moments between various couples.  Brief reads to take us on a mini vacation away from the stresses of our day.  Some will be light, some will be serious, but all of them I hope will touch you in some way.

 Also, as soon as I can get my diary page to work again, I’ll be doing mini blogs.  I’m so out of touch with everyone, I feel the need to reconnect.  I’ll also be doing monthly chats for those that want to hang.  I’m not much into formality,  so these will be literally pull up a chair and we’ll talk about whatever takes out collective fancy. 

 Thank you so much for stopping by. Check out the coming soon page for release dates, read the excerpts and feel free to contact me with any questions. I am always on my Yahoo group and, of course, email works great.  Happy Reading!

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